Friday, September 16, 2011


Hye you'all...
So far life going smoothly..
I just finish my case presentation and my clinical examination..
So for now..
Tinggal  class bio-mech and exam paper tu saja yang perlu di lalui..

And xdk lama lgi sy akan bebas from "student life"
Which is im soon going to undergo a "work's life" again..
And yeah..
Skrg sy tgh busy mencari kerja..
Well konvo kan lama lgi..
Ada setahun lgi kut..
So dari duduk kat umah xbuat apa2 lebih baik cari kerja kan..

And so..
Bout my long last love life..
I've decided to move on..
Move my life on.. 
I don't want to sit there and let this tears running down crazily from my eyes..
So.. Now.. I want to focus more to my life first...
Travel alot while working..
Must be fun kan??

OK then...
See u next time..