Sunday, January 30, 2011

* The new beginning of 2011 *

hey der everyone..huu.. so long didnt update u my dear2 blog.. hahaha.. although im a bit late to wish u'ol hepy new year but i still want to wish oso...hahaha..


nway.. tomorrow 31st of January 2011.. then the coming day is 1st of Febuary.. yeah i know..u guys oso notice that..hahaha..but what i want to say here is.. the time goes so quick dude.. and yeap ! my final exam is around the corner..wakakaka.. study? of course.. in a middle of studying and distraction here... wahahahaha... but hopefully i can cover all my subjects lar.. wahahahahahaha...

ok lar..i oso dunnoe what to type gain.. lolx.. btw.. hepy CNY to those that celebrating.. hehehe.. dun forget angpau arr for me..

*yawn* sleepy meh? hahaha.. yeah~ kindda lorh..later at night need to sleep late cuz of "study".. hahaha !

study la sangat kan?? wehehehehe...

ok lar.. take care u'ol.. see u'ol other time (when will i update my blog? I OSO DUNNOE !!! )